Introduction to Officers of the 32nd Station Hospital

Officers of the 32nd Station Hospital were divided into four main groups:

  1. Administration: For the most part, these officers handled matters pertaining to the overhead management of the hospital, such as supply, transportation, and recordkeeping.  Although the unit’s commanding officer (and some of the executive officer) were doctors, most other administrative officers were not trained to provide patient care.
  2. Medical officers: Unit reports refer to the unit’s doctors and dentists as “medical officers,” distinguishing them from the nurses and administrative officers.  They were divided into several sections: Surgical Service, Medical Service, Dispensary and Out-Patient Service, Radiology Service, and Dental Service.  I’m not entirely sure if the unit’s laboratory, dietetic, and physical therapy officers were considered “medical officers,” but contextually it appears that if someone didn’t have a doctorate, they were not classified as a medical officer even if they were providing patient care.
  3. Nurses: Members of the Army Nurse Corps assigned to the unit.  Although the unit’s dieticians and physical therapists were women and traveled with the nurses when male and female personnel were separated when the unit moved, they were not nurses.
  4. All other officers: Those officers not otherwise classified, including the unit’s chaplains, laboratory officers, dieticians, and physical therapists.

During January–April 2019, I published a series of 11 articles about the 32nd Station Hospital’s officers.  In early 2020, I obtained digital copies of most of the unit’s morning reports for the war and finished cataloging them that fall.  For that reason, these biographies are scheduled for overhaul as time allows.

Full List of Officers Prior to V-E Day

The following section presents a list of all known 32nd Station Hospital officers (including nurses) who served with the unit prior to Victory in Europe Day (that is, from August 7, 1942 through May 8, 1945).  With a handful of exceptions (those who joined the unit in the last few months of the war), all those who served in the unit overseas (between January 14, 1943 and May 8, 1945) have biographical entries on this site.  

Each entry lists the name of the officer when they joined the unit, with variations and name changes in parentheses, as well as their service number and branch

1. Annie Patricia Barone (Annie P. Hagerty), N-721902 (Army Nurse Corps)
2. Ina Lucretia Bean (Ina L. Beane, Ina B. Carey), N-721941 (Army Nurse Corps)
3. Darius O. Blaisdell, O-471111 (Chaplain Corps)
4. Harry H. Block, O-508975 (Medical Corps)
5. George Willard Blood (Willard George Blood), O-1543104 (Medical Administrative
6. Ivy Ann Bosworth (Ivy Ann Lafratta), N-721931 (Army Nurse Corps)
7. Mary L. Brady, N-723148 (Army Nurse Corps)
8. Helen Wilhelmine Brammer (Helen Brammer Hulcy), N-732063 (Army Nurse Corps)
9. Reddin Britt, O-480599 (Medical Corps)
10. Robert C. Brenneman, O-1533741 (Medical Administrative Corps)
11. Elizabeth Theresa Brooks (Elizabeth T. Dayton, Elizabeth Upright), N-723546 (Army
Nurse Corps)
12. Julia Lembkey Brosius (Julia Lembkey Brosius Dobell), R-000802 (Hospital Dietician)
13. Theodore Burstein, O-164734 (Medical Corps)
14. William Alfred Carey, Jr., O-461173 (Medical Corps)
15. Marlin W. Carlson, O-339610 (Medical Corps)
16. Angela A. Carone (Angela Palmieri), N-723602 (Army Nurse Corps)
17. Nace Ralph Cohen, O-356428 (Medical Corps)
18. Cyril G. Cole, O-1533989 (Medical Administrative Corps)
19. Elizabeth A. Curran, N-731878 (Army Nurse Corps)
20. Wanda Elizabeth Dabrowski (Wanda Elizabeth Loveridge, Wanda Geragosian), N721742 (Army Nurse Corps)
21. Lawrence J. Davis, O-493807 (Sanitary Corps)
22. Emelda M. Dickson (Martha Ann Emelda Dickson, Martha Ann Emelda Guiner, Emelda
Guiner Gardner), N-755095 (Army Nurse Corps)
23. Joseph Dolgin, O-0504576 (Medical Corps)
24. Kathleen Mary Donahue (Kathleen Mary Cleary), N-721664 (Army Nurse Corps)
25. Virginia June Donehue (Virginia D. Kranyak), N-721659 (Army Nurse Corps)
26. Ruth Patricia Donovan, N-721687 (Army Nurse Corps)
27. Velma Ann Drolet (Velma Ann Byrne), N-721906 (Army Nurse Corps)
28. Norris C. Elvin, O-1690001 (Medical Corps)
29. James Gilbert Eblen, O-1696551 (Medical Corps)
30. Harold B. Eisenberg (Harold B. Eiber), O-492670 (Medical Corps)
31. George Francis Evans, O-488984 (Medical Corps)
32. (Probably) Thomas Francis] Feltz, service number unknown (Medical Corps)
33. Frederick J. Ferris, O-2047308 (Medical Administrative Corps)
34. Fabian P. Flynn (Philip Flynn), O-501418 (Chaplain Corps)
35. Lila Scott Fruechtel (Lila Scott), M-000658 (Physical Therapy)
36. Joseph J. Gabriel, O-1303324 (Infantry) (Unclear if he was on detached service with the
32nd or a full member of unit)
37. Mary Theresa Gallagher (Mary Theresa Hickey), N-723806 ((Army Nurse Corps)
38. Cecilia M. Gallant (likely Margaret C. Gallant), N-721932 (Army Nurse Corps)
39. Mary Lois Gill (Mary L. Wood), R-000005 (Hospital Dietician)
40. Louis J. Goldstein, O-1690245 (Medical Corps)
41. Harold Leroy Goss, O-201505 (Medical Corps)
42. Stuart Edward Graham, O-1534029 (Medical Administrative Corps)
43. Alice Eileen Griffin (Alice E. Feeney), N-721671 (Army Nurse Corps)
44. Gayland Lyle Hagelshaw, O-277296 (Medical Corps)
45. Thomas Joseph Hagerty, W-2114224
46. Raymond A. Hall, O-209450 (Medical Corps)
47. Phyllis Anna Hansen, N-723001 (Phyllis Powers) (Army Nurse Corps)
48. Albert Henry Hanssen, Jr., O-1533800 (Medical Administrative Corps)
49. Lincoln Hasdorff, O-2038838 (Medical Administrative Corps)
50. Hugh Wilson Heim, O-326794 (Medical Corps)
51. Catherine H. Houlihan, N-721905 (Army Nurse Corps)
52. Marion V. Huckins, N-721912 (Army Nurse Corps)
53. Ella Evlyn James, N-721670 (Army Nurse Corps)
54. Veronica Josephine Janus (Veronica Janusz, Vernoica Freund), N-731430 (Army Nurse
55. Julia M. Jurgel (Julia M. Desmond), N-721914 (Army Nurse Corps)
56. Richard Toshio Kainuma, O-418692 (Medical Corps)
57. Goldie Kauffman (Goldie Abramson), N-721936 (Army Nurse Corps)
58. Charles Koerner, O-480750 (Medical Administrative Corps)
59. Gerard Krueger, O-274456 (Medical Administrative Corps)
60. Claire M. LaBonne (Claire L. Byrnes), N-721658 (Army Nurse Corps)
61. Lillian J. Laffey, N-755365 (Army Nurse Corps)
62. Howard Andrew Laile, O-357221 (Dental Corps)
63. Sophie Josephine Lange (Sophie Blick), N-722641 (Army Nurse Corps)
64. Dorothea LeCain (Dorthea LeCain Foster), N-721689 (Army Nurse Corps)
65. George Raymond Lee, O-209450 (Medical Corps)
66. Louis Linn, O-1689060 (Medical Corps)
67. Mary Lilla Madden (Mary Barkley, Mary Hodgin), R-670 (Hospital Dietician)
68. Helen Frances Mahoney (Helen Ganley), N-721933 (Army Nurse Corps)
69. Samuel Harry Mallinger, O-1694427 (Medical Corps)
70. Virginia Harriet Marlowe (Virginia M. Stratton), N-789288 (Army Nurse Corps)
71. Carl Mason, O-399743 (Dental Corps)
72. John R. May, O-2002095 (Medical Administrative Corps)
73. Joseph M. May, O-557923 (Medical Administrative Corps)
74. Kathryn Judith McCann (Kathryn Judith Brown), N-723269 (Army Nurse Corps)
75. Margaret M. McCormick, N-723690 (Army Nurse Corps)
76. William D. McElroy, O-481929 (Medical Corps)
77. Elizabeth Teresa McGaulley (Elizabeth McGaulley Mahar), N-723174 (Army Nurse
78. Lewis Middleton McKee, O-348753 (Medical Corps)
79. Lexie Winsome Miller (Lexie Miller Hazlett) N-721908 (Army Nurse Corps)
80. Harry N. Millican, O-2038833 (Medical Administrative Corps)
81. Ruby Eleanor Milligan (Ruby Milligan Hills), N-721820 (Army Nurse Corps)
82. Oliver C. Mitchell, O-269117 (Medical Administrative Corps)
83. Rita G. Moore (Rita G. Harold), N-723542 (Army Nurse Corps)
84. Dorothy Evelyn Mowbray, N-723514 (Army Nurse Corps)
85. Walter R. Munroe, O-287763 (Medical Corps)
86. Herman Carter Needles, O-1533875 (Medical Administrative Corps)
87. Jane Galt Neely (Jane Neely Bryan, Jane Neely Nelson, Jane Neely Freeman), N-762222
(Army Nurse Corps)
88. William V. O’Connor, O-470963 (Chaplain Corps)
89. Eleanor Madeline O’Leary (Eleanor Madeline Klimbal), N-721762 (Army Nurse Corps)
90. Philip Opper, O-1692279 (Medical Corps)
91. Rose Elizabeth Orban (Rose Elizabeth Firtos, Rose Orban Schneck), N-723371 (Army
Nurse Corps)
92. Murphy A. Ory, O-348261 (Medical Administrative Corps)
93. Edith S. Osburn, N-731813 (Army Nurse Corps)
94. John G. Pittman, Jr., O-1696400 (Medical Corps)
95. James Leonard Ponton, O-1533889 (Medical Administrative Corps)
96. Dorothy E. Racicot (Dorothy DesOrmiers), N-721660 (Army Nurse Corps)
97. Chester C. Ramspeck, O-1547427 (Medical Administrative Corps)
98. Adam Ruiz Resendez, O-490904 (Sanitary Corps)
99. Stella Agnes Rhodes, N-723475 (Army Nurse Corps)
100. Milton Robins (Milton Rabinowitz), O-1534129 (Medical Administrative Corps)
101. Ambrose Francis Roden, O-2002121 (Medical Administrative Corps)
102. Louis Chandler Roettig, O-375319 (Medical Corps)
103. Frances Rubin (Frances Mann), N-723539 (Army Nurse Corps)
104. Ruth F. Russell (Ruth F. Russel, Ruth R. Duffin), N-723107 (Army Nurse Corps)
105. Lester Vance Salinsky, O-371723 (Medical Corps)
106. Elizabeth H. Samoska (Elizabeth Helen Eichenbaum), N-721763 (Army Nurse
107. Catherine Ellen Sanford (Kathryn Ellen Sanford, Catherine Ellen Shackelford), N723466 (Army Nurse Corps)
108. Howard Elias Shapiro, O-419456 (Medical Corps)
109. Rachel Hannah Sheridan, N-722877 (Army Nurse Corps)
110. John Byars Shearer, O-276988 (Chaplain Corps)
111. Earl Shindell, O-398824 (Dental Corps)
112. Robert Silverman, O-1689303 (Dental Corps)
113. John F. Simon, O-337959 (Medical Corps)
114. Anne M. Smith (probably the same individual as Peggy Anne Smith), N-755062
((Army Nurse Corps)
115. William Clifton Sommermeyer, O-395329 (Medical Administrative Corps)
116. Joseph G. Sorett, O-481209 (Medical Corps)
117. Lena Sottolano, N-723798 (Army Nurse Corps)
118. Doris J. Southworth, N-758977 (Army Nurse Corps)
119. Harry R. Staley, O-473151 (Medical Corps)
120. Rose Victoria Straley, N-723106 (Army Nurse Corps)
121. Joan Taaffe, N-N723330 (Army Nurse Corps)
122. Charles Newell Tarkington, O-1547474 (Medical Administrative Corps)
123. Marie Ann Thielemann (Marie Ann Phelan), N-723683 (Army Nurse Corps)
124. Landon Timberlake, O-202587 (Medical Corps)
125. Madeline E. Travis, N-723621 (Army Nurse Corps)
126. Helen Trotsky (Helen T. Lucas), N-723108 (Army Nurse Corps)
127. Mildred Esther Truitt, M-000777 (Physical Therapist)
128. Carl B. Tryggvi, O-338094 (Medical Corps)
129. Mamie Emily Uprichard (Mamie E. O’Connell), N-723504 (Army Nurse Corps)
130. Lowell Eugene Vinsant, O-382234 (Medical Corps)
131. Henry W. Walker, O-1533465 (Medical Administrative Corps)
132. Robert Otey Yancey Warren, O-475486 (Medical Corps)
133. Cecelia Washburn (Cecelia W. Lincoln), N-721704 (Army Nurse Corps)
134. Charlotte Olga Weber (Charlotte Olga Krueger), N-723784 (Army Nurse Corps)
135. Irving Solwin Weiner, O-482547 (Dental Corps)
136. Morris Barney Weiss, O-2048518 (Medical Administrative Corps)
137. Elizabeth S. Wenhart, M-000659 (Physical Therapist)
138. Isadore Jay Wessel, O-1696175 (Medical Corps)
139. Charles C. West, Jr., O-2002083 (Medical Administrative Corps)
140. Dorothy Eleanor Whitsell (Dorothy Bevitt), N-703848 (Army Nurse Corps)* May
not have been considered full member of unit, but was attached for about five months
141. Cora Ida Williams, N-722774 (Army Nurse Corps)
142. Candler Arthur Willis, O-1693062 (Medical Corps)
143. Evelyn H. Wilson (Evelyn Youse), N-723338 (Army Nurse Corps)
144. Clarence W. Winchell, O-499082 (Sanitary Corps)
145. Dorothy M. Wittman, N-729593 (Army Nurse Corps)
146. Mary Margaret Wood (Mary M. Traub), N-723463 (Army Nurse Corps)
147. Esther Emilie Work, N-723170 (Army Nurse Corps)
148. Ralph Reuben Zimet, O-467139 (Medical Corps)
149. Myra Harriett Zink (Myra Reed), N-721940 (Army Nurse Corps)
150. Neta Amelia Zinn (Neta A. Purks), N-771096 (Army Nurse Corps)

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